Should You Rent or Buy a Copier Machine in Singapore?

copier rental singapore

Copy machines are often a necessity for businesses nowadays. While back in the day, a copier machine Singapore might just have been used to make copies, nowadays, these machines are considered multifunctional devices that have the capacity to copy, print, scan, and fax and are overall an integral part of document management. However, for all businesses, there is a choice of either buying a copy machine or renting a copier. While there are advantages and disadvantages for both buying a copier and copier rental Singapore, it will come down to the nature of your business, your budget and your requirements. 

Copier rental in Singapore


  • Up-to-date equipment

With copier rental in Singapore, you would be able to keep your copier up to date. Copiers and printers eventually all become outdated. With a lease, you will be passing the financial burden of obsolescence to the copier rental company instead of yourself. And instead of being stuck with an outdated machine, you would be able to easily lease a newer machine. For instance, if you have a two-year lease on a copy machine, as soon as that lease expires, you can easily lease whatever machine is newer and faster. 

  • Budget effectively

With a lease, you will have a predetermined monthly cost, which can help you to budget a lot more effectively, as you know exactly what your monthly expenses are. This schedule can also help your business to better arrange financial resources. You can even arrange your lease agreement to offer the best payment flexibility for your business. Even changes in interest rates will not affect the established payment amounts. 

  • No down payment

Many small businesses and start-ups struggle with cash flow. They are required to keep as much cash available to help with business growth. As leases don’t require a down payment, you can easily acquire new equipment without digging into your limited cash stores. 

  • Keep up with the competition

Leasing can enable your small business to acquire sophisticated technology that would otherwise be entirely unaffordable to most. This means that you will be able to better keep up with larger competitors at a reasonable rate. 


  • You will pay more in the long run

Ultimately, while leasing is a great solution for many small businesses, in the long run, leasing is almost always more expensive than purchasing. 

  • Strict lease terms

It is often difficult to get out of a lease. If your needs change or you stop using the equipment for whatever reason, you will still be bound to the agreement, which means that you will be stuck making the payments for the copier for the entire lease period, even if you are not using the copier. You will also be adhering to the maintenance and servicing of the leasing company, which can get expensive. Moreover, depending on the contract, there may be certain restrictions as to the usage of the machine. 

Buying a copier machine in Singapore


  • Simple process

Buying a copier in Singapore is as simple as choosing a model and purchasing it. Leasing, on the other hand, requires a lot more paperwork and detailed financial information. Lease terms can also be complicated to negotiate. If you do not do this properly, you could even end up paying a lot more than you should or be stuck with a deal that is not very favourable to your company. 

  • Cheaper in the long run

Buying is always cheaper than leasing in the long term. You can also avoid any interest that you may have to pay by purchasing it in one go. If you keep it for long enough, you will likely recoup your investment. Additionally, you might even be able to sell it to recoup some of the initial costs if you need to upgrade or if you no longer require a copier. 

  • Freedom to use as you see fit

With leasing agreements, there may be certain clauses as to how you can use your copier. However, when you own a copier, you do not have to worry about how much and in which ways you can use your copier. You can also establish maintenance and servicing agreements as you see fit, with whatever company you want, while with a leasing agreement, it would usually be privy to the company who is leasing the copier. 


  • The initial cost is high

The initial cost of a copier machine in Singapore is often too much for most businesses to afford, especially if you are a start-up. You might end up settling for a second-hand copier or a copier that doesn’t have all the functionalities you require when leasing can give you the most modern technology for your business. 

  • Responsibility for maintenance and repair expenses

When you own the copier machine, you are responsible for all its maintenance and repair, which can end up being rather costly. With leasing, you do not have the burden of servicing the machine or making repairs, as it will likely be covered in your lease agreement. Copiers also depreciate in value over time, which means that you aren’t looking at reselling them for as much money as you might think.

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