The Art of Cooking  

art of cooking
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Oscar Wilde, a famous author, once said that “The artist is the creator of beautiful things.” Art is the expression of creativity and imagination that is appreciated by many. It is a craft mastered earned through practice.

Cooking is also a form of art. But how can we say that cooking is an art? Art shows the creativity and imagination of its creator. This is also true when cooking food. There are different ingredients in the world, different tastes, textures and uses. A chef can be creative in a way that he can make blend those ingredients to create perfect harmony. You might say that people just takes out a recipe and copies it. Is that still art? It doesn’t make you an artist but what you’ve done is a replica of an artwork.

Aside from that, food can be appreciated by many. In the same way that any other art stimulate people’s senses so as food. Think about it. Paintings and sculptures simulates the sense of sight. We are impressed in perfectly crafted art, showcasing creativity and originality. Music, also a form of art, stimulates one’s sense of hearing. We appreciate music because we hear them as a form of artistic creation.

Cooking is also the same as music and paintings in many ways. Food stimulates people’s senses too. It showcases the chef’s creativity and passion. Today, food can be beautiful not just because it tastes good. We see beautiful presentations of food, manually crafted and precisely made. We smell the amazing aroma of food. With a master chef, it can stimulate all five senses at once. Food is really a “beautiful thing.”

But for cooking to become an art, you have to master it through practice. An artist has talent but a craftsman has skills. Some people can be born talented in cooking. But for people who want to learn the skill, practice and learning is a must. But in any case, both of them can make art. Culinary schools and cooking schools can help you become a great chef. Culinary schools, not only teach you the craft of cooking, but prepare you to become masters of the craft as well. Here you’ll learn all the fundamental skills and techniques in cooking. You’ll also have a lot of opportunities to enhance your skills. What you must do is to be dedicated in learning.

If you are one inspiring chef, someone who wants to create artwork, choosing a good culinary school is very important. Choose a cooking school that can help you reach that goal. With hard work, determination and the love for cooking, you’ll create food that will be considered art in no time.

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