Thermostatic Mixing Valve: What It Is and How It Works

thermostatic mixing valve

Have you ever experienced enjoying a warm shower when all of a sudden, the water turns cold? Or when your shower becomes surprisingly hot, so hot that it can burn your skin? Get rid of these potential shower temperature fluctuations by using a thermostatic mixing valve.


A thermostatic mixing valve is a device that blends hot and cold water to provide an accurate, comfortable, constant, and stable temperature, which protects you from the risk of burns and injuries. For instance, if cold water is reduced due to toilet flushing, the thermostatic mixing valve will automatically adjust the amount of hot and cold water being mixed to maintain the temperature and keep it safe.


The Benefits of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

So, with a brief explanation of what a thermostatic mixing valve is, let’s take a look at the three incredible benefits it can provide.


  1. Scalding is prevented.

Keep in mind that your comfortable temperature level may be different from others; what may seem fine to you may be unacceptable to others – and this is very important, especially if you’re living with a big family. And this is where a thermostatic mixing valve can help. It allows you to set your preferred temperature for the water in the shower or sink. And in doing so, your pre-selected water temperature remains constant during your entire shower, so there’s no risk of scalding from a sudden temperature increase should the temperature plummet.


  1. Consistency is achieved.

Installing a thermostatic mixing valve helps you achieve consistency. You’ll no longer be unsure of what kind of water temperature you’ll get from your shower or faucet. And as the thermostatic mixer maintains your pre-selected water temperature, you can completely relax and enjoy showering without any worries. You’ll never have to worry about getting undesirable experiences, such as when you’re expecting warm water in the shower but suddenly get splashed by extremely cold water.


  1. Safety is emphasized.

A thermostatic mixing valve is primarily designed to regulate water temperature despite any circumstances. And if the water temperature gets hotter than the temperature you set, the thermostatic mixing valve will automatically cut off the water supply. Aside from preventing scalding, it ensures safety among the elderly and children, who may not be able to adjust the water temperature quickly.


How to Find a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Fortunately, you can find a thermostatic mixing valve by getting it directly from the manufacturer or purchasing it from a trading business. And before placing an order, make sure that you’ve done your homework by researching how competent the manufacturer is or how reliable the trade business is. Be sure to explore its website and the thermostatic mixing valves it carries. You may also give the manufacturer or the trade business a call to guide you in finding the mixing valves for your home.


Summing Up

A thermostatic mixing valve is an essential part of a water or shower system. It easily and consistently achieves your desired water temperature and keeps you safe all the time.

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