Top Dive Shops in Singapore

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Diving is an adventurous recreational activity when it is practiced under safe guidance and high-quality diving gear. The key to receiving good guidance and finding top-branded diving equipment is to go to a high-end dive shop. Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia, Singapore has numerous dive spots to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the aquatic world. Thousands of tourists: both locals and foreigners love scuba diving during their vacations. With the rise of scuba diving as a popular aquatic sport, many dive shops have been established in Singapore throughout the last few decades. Read on to find out what are the top dive shops in Singapore to get your diving lessons and equipment. 


1. Deep Blue Scuba

Deep Blue Scuba is a pioneer in aquatic sports in Singapore. Started in 1996 as a training centre within another dive centre, this dive shop has been leading the industry for over two decades. At present, Deep Blue Scuba offers high-end scuba diving equipment as well as SSI courses for those who are interested in learning to dive. With the experience of having trained more than 10000 divers, Deep Blue Scuba continues to meet the requirements of more customers. This dive centre has earned the reputation of maintaining an excellent safety record, and if you are planning to spend your next vacation diving, Deep Blue Scuba is highly recommended. 


2. Waikiki Dive Centre

Started in 1994, Waikiki Dive Centre has been in the industry in Singapore for over a quarter of a century. With years of experience, Waikiki Dive Centre satisfies its customers’ diving requirements with excellent service. At Waikiki Dive Centre, you can purchase, rent, and service diving equipment at affordable rates. This dive centre offers equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and many other kinds of aquatic sports, and diving lessons under well-trained instructors. Waikiki Dive Centre has been a member of the PADI Retail and Resort Associations since 2002. You can choose this PADI 5 Star IDC Centre to fulfill all your diving needs from lessons to equipment under one roof. 


3. Sunny Cove

Being a one-stop PADI diving centre, Sunny Cove has been in the industry for 8 years. It is rated as ‘Top Scuba Diving Centre’ by public votes and ‘Top Contribution to Diving Industry’ by PADI Asia HQ for its excellence in service and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in learning diving under the guidance of licensed, well-experienced instructors, Sunny Cove is the place to go. In addition to being a top-class diving centre, Sunny Cove has pledged “No to Shark Fins” to support preserving and maintaining eco-balance. Not only diving lessons, but at Sunny Cove, you can also find high-quality dive gear manufactured by the leading brands of sports gear. 


4. Gill Divers

Established as a small dive store in Singapore in 2002, Gill Divers has come a long way to the top of the industry with great passion, dedication, and excellent customer service. At present, Gill Divers is considered one of the largest aquatic activity providers in Singapore and Malaysia, and it has trained thousands of novice and professional divers. It offers a vast range of diving equipment in retail and e-commerce and organizes diving trips to breathtaking destinations around the world. Gill Divers is the best place for enthusiastic divers with adventurous minds. 


5. Singapore Freedivers

Singapore Freedivers is a top dive shop in Singapore, established in 2012. Being a local dive shop, it has trained numerous freedivers- both locals and foreigners. The specialty of Singapore Freedivers is that it comes with a 100% safety record. At Singapore Freedivers, you can select your course and receive a qualified freediving experience including wellness and physical fitness training. If you are longing to enjoy a safe dive under excellent guidance, Singapore Freedivers is the way to go. 



Diving requires a huge amount of patience, dedication, responsibility, and enthusiasm apart from the safety gear. Choosing the right dive shop is the key to having standard training in order to continue your diving journey with safety and enthusiasm. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, always mind go through the ratings, client reviews, services, certifications, and other credentials and choose the best when you are looking for a dive shop in Singapore. 

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