Urology Robotic Surgery Treatments

Robotic Surgery

In today’s technology, everything can be done swiftly with the use of certain devices. Robotics technology is one of the greatest innovations that benefit a lot of industries including medicine and health. Robotics surgery, in particular, is the latest trend that is said to be effective in treating diseases even certain cancer diseases.

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer is one of the popular treatments which had a significant impact on patients. It’s because the treatment involves an invasive procedure, meaning there will be less pain and less blood loss. It also has a quicker recovery time and more improved cancer survival compared to open surgery. Also, robotic urological surgery in treating certain types of cancer has lesser additional treatments even medicines required for full recovery.

Robotic prostatectomy in Singapore is notable to the world because of the successful stories behind it. The professionals in urology in Singapore are skilful in treatments as well as avant-garde with the latest technology in healthcare. Not only they can treat prostate cancer with robotics surgery, they can also treat other diseases effectively like the following:

Kidney Cancer

One of the cancer diseases in adults that can be treated through urological robotic surgery. Chemotherapy nor radiation therapy does not usually work for treating kidney cancer. Robotic kidney surgery is said to be the best surgery ideal for this type of cancer.

Urinary Tract Conditions

Urinary tract plays a major role in our system. It works with the group of organs to effectively produce, store and eliminate urine. Having serious conditions with our urinary tract should not be ignored as this might lead to complications. Medicines can improve some urinary tract diseases but other conditions require treatments. Apparently, robotics surgery can be the most effective way to relieve any urinary tract condition according to study.

Bladder Cancer

It is said that bladder cancer can be acquired through taking artificial sweeteners. If diagnosed with the advanced stage, treatments are advised to take immediately to stop or delay the growth of tumour or spread of cancer cells. Aside from chemotherapy and immunotherapy, surgeries like robotics surgery can be beneficial to patients.

Adrenocortical carcinoma

It’s the cancer of adrenal glands that is most common in children younger than five years old and adults between 40 and 50. The primary treatment is the surgery, could be robotic surgery especially for children to remove the tumour. Chemotherapy could not be effective to this type of cancer. After surgery, patients may be given medicines to reduce production of cortisol.

Performing this medical procedure usually doesn’t take long compared to open surgery. The procedure involves the viewing of magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the organ to be operated. The process also uses miniaturised EndoWrist instruments to access surgical sites. The procedure is performed invasively, through two to three small incisions. The robotic system functions as an extension of the physician’s hands and eyes. This helps the physician to work with precision and control.

Urology robotic surgery is considered safe and effective but may only be appropriate to certain conditions and patients. It is still best to consult with different professionals to know what is the best treatment or surgery for your condition.

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