Do you ever wonder which flowers are appropriate in a Christian funeral? Or are you not certain what floral arrangements or which flowers are acceptable to send? Then, keep reading.

When someone passes away, whether he or she is a family member, friend, loved one, or colleague, you may want to order flowers for a Christian funeral. And that’s totally fine! It’s your way of letting the family know you’re thinking of and praying for them. It’s a gesture that the bereaved family will surely appreciate during a difficult time.

Ahead, discover seven flowers you can send to a Christian funeral.

  1. White carnations

When used in a Christian funeral, white carnations symbolize peace and serenity for the soul of the deceased. They also impart a message of innocence, purity, and untainted love.

White carnations match well with white roses and white orchids. And they are best sent as a condolence wreath.

  1. Yellow orchids

If you want to show your everlasting love for the deceased, you might want to send a funeral wreath of yellow orchids. They also stand for friendship and warmth. It is ideal to combine yellow orchids with hydrangeas.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a good choice for a funeral flower bouquet as it represents love, gratitude, and peace. They are also believed to symbolize sincerity and heartfelt sympathy for the bereaved family.

You may also send a potted hydrangea plant to express your continued support to the family.

  1. White roses

White roses make a wonderful choice when you want to show reverence and respect to the deceased. Sending white roses likewise expresses honor, innocence, and spirituality – which are common sentiments when someone important in your life passes away.

  1. Chrysanthemums

At a Christian funeral, chrysanthemums evoke grief. Sending these flowers symbolizes that you acknowledge the deceased and have the utmost respect for him or her.

Chrysanthemums are best paired with blue hydrangeas and white Eustoma.

  1. Sunflowers

If you wish to lift the spirit of the mourners, you may choose to send a funeral wreath of sunflowers. Sunflowers may be non-traditional funeral flowers, but they are appropriate in situations where the family wants to celebrate life rather than mourning. Sunflowers can surely provide an optimistic and uplifting atmosphere even in a difficult time.

Moreover, they symbolize adoration and loyalty. They can work well with ivy leaves, monstera, yellow gerberas, and yellow lilies.

  1. White gladioli

A classic choice for funerals, white gladioli symbolize moral integrity, sincerity, and strength. These elegant flowers can measure up to four feet tall. They are best paired with white gerberas, white orchids, and white roses.

Gladioli are also known as sword lilies because of their association with Roman gladiators.


Sending flowers to a grieving family is a beautiful and solemn gesture to show your sympathy and condolences. It may also be done to celebrate the life of your departed loved ones.

Use this list to properly order flowers for a Christian funeral and perfectly express your kindness and respect to the deceased and his or her family.

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