How Much Will Short Term Car Rental Cost?

Are you interested in the short-term can rental? Chances are you’re also looking for a company that can give you the best rates possible. To start, you need to request multiple quotes and compare their inclusions. Mention to the car rental companies if you’re planning to drive to Malaysia as not all of them offer this service.

Consider these factors that may impact how much short-term car rental will cost you.

  • Vehicle type. If you’re looking to rent luxury vehicles, then expect the rental prices to be higher too as compared to renting simpler vehicle models. If you want to save money, look at the type of vehicle that suits your lifestyle. If a simpler vehicle type will already be adequate for your needs, then you no longer need to opt for luxury cars. On the other hand, if you want to experience driving a luxury vehicle, then you need to be extra cautious with the car leasing company you’re choosing. You want everything to be clear before you sign up to anything so you can avoid surprise fees.
  • Rental period. How long you’re renting the car will also affect its rental rate. The good news is that the longer the rental period, the lower the overall cost is too. Of course, if you will only need a car for a day, then you can compare rates from various leasing companies and see which one will give you the best value for your money. If you are planning to rent for more than a month, send a message to the company and ask for their rental rate for the car you’re looking at. They might be able to give you great rates since you’re renting for a longer period.
  • Promo offers. Don’t forget to check out promo offers. Some leasing companies in Singapore offer discounts on their car rental fees during the holiday season (festive period), say Christmas and New Year. This is also a time when families often travel so don’t be shy to inquire. You might just find the vehicle type you desire at a discounted rental rate. On the other hand, though, set your expectations as there are still chances that you’ll find rental fees higher at this period. The higher the demand, the higher the price too. Keep looking for the best deals.
  • Weekday and weekend rates. This is for you to consider if you’re planning to rent a car for only a single day. The price may vary depending on if it’s a weekday or weekend. Demand is usually higher on weekends so chances are rental fees are also higher on these days.

Always look beyond the price. If the fee is cheaper, look into what you’re compromising for it. Remember that cheaper is not always better. Although it’s great to save money, you will need to look into the bigger picture. And think whether you’re indeed making savings.  Most importantly, rent from a reputable company in Singapore so you can also ensure topnotch customer service and excellent-quality vehicles.

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