Possible reasons why your aircon is not cold even after servicing

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Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold Even After Servicing 

Living with a broken aircon unit can be a nightmare. This is especially true with the hot and humid Singaporean weather that only seems to get worse with each passing year. It is even more disappointing when you get your aircon serviced, only to find that it still blows out regular-temperature air. There are many reasons why this could happen. Here are some of the possible reasons why your aircon unit is not cold even after servicing so that you can get it fixed properly.

Dirty air filter 

An air filter helps with regulating the flow of air through the aircon into the rooms of your office or house. If you fail to clean this filter, the air filter can fail which results in no air flowing into or out of your rooms. Some technicians fail to clean the filter after servicing the system, so just make sure that you ask them to clean the filter as well. 

Damaged Condenser

A condenser is a part of an AC system. It works to convert the refrigerant back into a liquid. Occasionally, the condenser may get frozen if the system is dirty or runs inefficiently. If the problem is not treated immediately, the condenser may also break down completely. While this is a rare issue, a damaged condenser cannot be solved without professional help. 

Low refrigerant 

Sometimes, your aircon may blow hot air because of a shortage of refrigerant. This can cause ice to accumulate in the evaporator as it never reaches the right temperature and therefore never actually shuts off. This can also lead to drainage issues and can cause the compressor to overheat. If you continue to operate the aircon without the right amount of refrigerant, it can do irreversible damage to the unit. Thus, while refilling refrigerant can be expensive, it is much cheaper than replacing the whole unit. 

Frozen condenser 

The coil of the condenser is the part that sits outside the house. This is responsible for removing the heat from inside the house and releasing it outside. If you have not been getting regular aircon services or maintenance of the HVAC system, the filter can get clogged and thereby freeze the coils. This stops the system from working properly. 

Mechanical problems 

If you are continuously running your aircon all day, this can be tough for the mechanical equipment inside the aircon. Most of the time, the outside unit’s fan motor goes bad. However, it can also cause the compressor to be locked down. The compressor is the core of the system. While common repairs can be done to fix a bad fan motor, for a broken compressor you might have to replace it entirely. 

Incorrect installation 

Another possible cause of why your aircon is still not cold after servicing is due to a fault of the technician. Some technicians may claim to have the know-how to maintain your aircon unit but might actually have very little knowledge. In this case, your technician could have failed to install the system properly after servicing it. For instance, if the wiring has not been done correctly, the aircon may fail to work. 

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