10 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Every girl’s dream is to walk in the aisle wearing a flowing white silk dress. Every man’s dream is to marry the perfect girl. While wedding becomes memorable for two people who fell in love, it too can be for their guest. The love and happiness of the newlywed becomes contagious, from the ceremony up until the reception. The reception is where all the fun begins. So here are a few fun wedding reception ideas that may make your special day unforgettable for you and your guests.

ryan price
Centerpiece Games: Photo by Ryan Price Photography

1. Play Party Games and Contests

Invite guest to play games with you. You can also do team games. You can divide the teams like, bridesmaids vs. groomsmen, old vs. young, boys vs. girls etc.

Instead of having flowers for centerpieces, you can also place some simple board games for the guest to enjoy. It works well especially when you have kids as guests.

Also prepare contests for the guests. Contests like the tallest ice cream at the ice cream bar or the most adorable snapshots, cutest couple and the like. You can also give out questionnaires about you and your partner. Most correct answers win. Be sure to have prizes for the winners as well.

video booth

image source: www.weddingclub.com.au

2. Photo and Video Booths

You can make your own or hire photo booths. It is a sure way to entertain your guests. You can also set-up video booths. Guests enter the booth and give messages for the couple. At the end of the day, have some of the best videos edited and play it on the reception.

Live Wedding Band Source: gclivemusic.com

3. The Wedding Band

Having a live band at the wedding is essential for any wedding. Request a good line up of songs which the guests can sing along. But when the wedding performers are on breaks, ask the guest to be involved. You can request them to sing a song or two. You and your partner can jump in as well.

wedding dance number
Photo by Ann Wade Parrish Photography

4. Dance Numbers

Change in to something comfortable and get ready to dance. Prepare some surprise choreographed dance numbers or flash mob dance. You can request the wedding band to play some danceable music. Invite guest to dance with you. Make sure that there is a good space for the guests to dance. This will surely entertain the guests as well.

wedding cake

Photo from 9gag.com

5. Extraordinary Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the pinnacle of the reception. Why not turn it into something different. You can ask your bakers to make you a customized cake, depending on the theme of your wedding, or you can do it by yourself. A unique wedding cake can attract a lot of attention and snapshot moments for the guests.

sweets and snacks bar

 Source: Dream a Little Dream Photography

6. Sweets and Snacks Bar

Who doesn’t like sweet? Set up a sweets and snacks bar for kids and kids-at-heart alike. You can give away some jars and goodie bags and invite them to pick their favorite treats which they can take home.

guest book

Source: misscontradictionofsorts.blogspot.com

7. Guest Book Advice cards

Instead of the regular guest books, you can try to some question cards. Supply them with pens and cards with questions like, “a cat or a dog?”, “secret to successful wedding?”, “suggest a name for our first child” etc. They can write their answers and best wishes on the cards.

paper flower

Source: misscontradictionofsorts.blogspot.comwww.artofweddingspdx.com

8. Paper flowers

For the reception decorations, instead of real flowers, make some paper flowers. Recycled paper and colorful magazines will do the trick. Search the net on how to make one and ask for help to make a lot of them. Not only it’s eco-friendly, but colorful and elegant as well. You can give them away after the event.


Photo by: Nick Mote on Flickr

9. Slideshows

While you’re guest are on line at the sweets bar or the photo booth, you can tell the guests your love stories. Or better yet, show them. Dig up some old pictures and present them in a slideshow. Starting from when you’re young up until the time when you went dating. It will surely be some “Awwwww…” moments that your guests will enjoy.

social media

Photo by Jessica Miller Photography

10. Go Social

When uploading pictures at social networks, such as Tweeter, Facebook or Instagram, you can request your guests to use a certain hash tag. Get them involved in live tweets, status updates and feeds. You and your guests can easily look for pictures in the internet taken during the wedding.