5 Ultimate Fun Things To Do In A Limo

Limousine Party

Most people only think of limousines as formal cars that are used for big events such as weddings, dates, or maybe that prom night back in high school. What they don’t understand is that despite looking like a very serious and formal vehicle, limousines can actually be a great source of fun for you and your friends.
You should understand that a good limousine service would actually provide you with top of the line fun amenities with four wheels. You would just need to come up with some good concepts and you would be good to go. If you are running short of ideas for your limousine happy time, here are some of the ultimate fun things that you can do when inside a limousine to start you off:

Make it your own mobile theater

Want to watch movies without the hassle of driving around to the cinema, then why not have your movie party right there in the limousine.
A great idea would be to bring some friends along, gather some snacks and drinks, and a copy of your favorite shows and movies. You can then watch all you want inside the limousine. The relatively smaller area would enhance the experience and make you feel like you have your own personal cinema.

Throw a party inside the limousine

As mentioned above, the limousine would usually be packed with a variety of amenities which come as a part of the package once you rent it. Even the more basic ones would have some form of music and entertainment center as well as some type of bar for snacks and drinks. You can take advantage of this by inviting your friends and just having a good time listening to music, watching a show, and chattering it up while inside the limousine.

Imagine the thrill of picking up your friends (or your friends picking you up) with the elegance of the limousine, and instead of bickering as to where you want to ride off for the night, you can actually start to have your party right then and there.

Bar hopping while in a Limo

If you don’t want to just hold the party inside the limousine, then another fun idea would be to go around town and hop around the different bars and party places. You can picture yourself as big shots for the night as you stroll into the club while riding a sleek limousine. You can then enter the bar, party as hard as you can, go back to the comforts of your limousine, and then amble on to the next fun place.

In fact, if you have a limousine with ample space, you can even meet some new friends and invite them to continue partying in the comforts of your limousine.

Go to a street party, open the sunroof and spread the good vibes

After a few drinks and some good vibes, you may also want to ask the limousine driver to take you to a place where people are partying in the streets. Once there, you can start opening the sunroof and share in the good vibes with the people while still housed inside your limousine. You can feel like royalty cruising through the streets and dispensing cheer to the people all around you.
It may even be a good idea to have some candies and throw them around to people who are cheering with you as you continue partying in the streets. Other great ideas would include party poppers and balloons so you can be a mobile cheer giver to everyone.

Go Romantic

While all the things above mentioned parties and wild times, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun even in a more intimate setting. You can use the limousine to have a mobile date with your significant other. You can set up the interior to be cozy and romantic and have a good time with your date.
Aside from inside the limousine, you can ask the driver to visit a variety of scenic spots or significantly sentimental places that you share with each other. Of course, you may want to have a limousine wherein the driver is easily shielded off from the passengers so that you can have your private moments.

The great thing for everyone now is that there are a plethora of limousine rental companies who can offer a variety of limousines that would suit whatever your idea of the ultimate fun time would be.