Beautiful Wedding Hand Bouquets

wedding bouquet
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We often see the maid of honor holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers which the bride will toss over her shoulder on her wedding day, but do you know how that tradition started? And how are these flower hand bouquet are made? The tradition of tossing the bouquet is believed to have started in medieval Europe. It is said brides should only wear her wedding gown only once, and pieces of her wedding dressing is considered as lucky and fertility charm among the single ladies. They will chase the bride until her dress were almost or on rare occasions, completely ripped off of her. Eventually, wedding dresses became expensive, and they were kept as a remembrance and a valued heirloom so their daughters can wear them on their wedding day. They began to look for other alternatives to throw and distract the other women from chasing the bride in order to keep their wedding dresses as unmarred as possible and throwing the bouquet had been the favorite choice since flowers are known to be the symbol of fertility.

Weddings are important celebration and the greatest event for every woman. This is an important milestone which they cherish for the rest of their lives. Whenever we go to a wedding, we are surrounded with beautiful, vibrant and colorful flowers that brings a very warm and lovingly atmosphere to everyone. These hand bouquet that brides and maid of honors hold were meticulously prepared and crafted which are much celebrated as they held it with much gracefulness. In the past, weddings are celebrated very much differently than today, it is very simple yet surprisingly elegant. Before, a simple bouquet of roses was enough for the bride to hold as she walks down the aisle. Now, weddings are much more grander and theme driven. Colors are matched with almost everything and very well thought of as a part of the wedding’s motif. The different types of flowers you can put together in a bouquet will give you a much wider perspective on what color you may want to pick for your wedding’s motif.

Not only for wedding, bouquet of flowers are also popular as gifts among the younger people, as a great way to express their feelings on special occasions such as giving them on Valentine’s Day or a gift on their anniversaries. The use of different types of flowers on a bouquet can be a unique and very meaningful. These bouquets can also be given on Mother’s Day to our well beloved moms, surprising them with a simple bouquet letting them how special they are to us. You can easily purchase bouquets for most occasions, some shops offer wide selection of style with different flower combinations and the color of the wrappings. They can also give you the option to personalized your bouquet and even adding cute little teddy bears that adds a little bit of your personal touch.

You can easily get this bouquet since information is being shared on a faster rate more than ever, online flower shops have been giving great deals for these lovely bouquets with just the right price and value for your money. You can also visit flower shops around town but they may offer little selections than specialized shops you can see online. So, if you’re planning to surprise someone, or make your wedding extra special, have a look at these bouquet flowers and grab the opportunity, you might make someone very happy.

You can also learn how to wrap hand bouquet in your own. See some video tips :

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