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Brain Development

If you have pre-school and young kids at home, you may notice that they are always enthusiastic for learning. They take the initiative to ask questions like why is this thing colour red and not green or where does the sun go at night. These are good signs that your child’s brain is developing. There are instances, however, that they may experience training and learning difficulties. While this is normal, this may be a problem in the future if it affects your child’s emotional state. He may feel down and struggling. But don’t panic. There are brain development centres that provide cognitive development training for children and you can have your kid join one.

These training centres basically implement different programmes according to the needs of the child. For example, a specific learning program is dedicated only to pre-school and young kids. There are also centres that offer training and learning services to kids who have ADHD & attention issues, autism & other syndromes, reading problems & dyslexia, and traumatic brain injury.

Choosing a program for your child depends on his needs. If you have been noticing that he has trouble focusing on a single task or he is easily distracted, he most likely needs a brain training program. Your child will be assessed first by a certified brain trainer. He will be provided cognitive exercises to measure his cognitive skills. The results will also reveal his strengths and weaknesses. And based on the assessment, an appropriate program will be recommended.

On the other hand, if your child has been consistently showing signs like low self-esteem, inability to hold things for a long time, anxiety, and aggression, it is possible that he has poor motor skills or worse, he has a sensory integration dysfunction. This should be given proper attention as early as possible to overcome the effects of anxiety and low self-esteem. It is best to observe how your child behaves in a controlled environment. Afterwards, present your observation to a professional. If the latter thinks that an intervention process is necessary, then entrust the job to the experts. It’s for your child’s sake after all.

There are more other strategies that can be used to help kids of all ages develop their brain. But have you been curious what an ideal brain is? Well, you obviously want to know the answer now. So, here’s an overview first.

Reptilian brain, limbic system, and cerebrum are the three layers of the brain. The reptilian brain is the inner most layer of the brain, which is responsible for instinctive behaviours. The limbic system, on the other hand, handles our emotional aspect. And finally, the cerebrum has the responsibility of controlling our mental state.

And in learning, there are various levels, namely sensory system, sensory & perceptual motor development, cognition & intellectual development, language & academic development, and character development.

These layers and learning stages make up our brain. But what makes it ideal is when we find satisfaction in what we do, whether it is about academic performance, family relations, or social interaction.

As your kids grow, help them have a healthier and better brain. It is always best to consult a professional to come up with correct decisions.

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