Guidelines for a Secure IT Outsourcing Company

Getting IT outsourcing services in Singapore isn’t a new strategy. However, for businesses delving into it, one of the main challenges is ensuring that their move is secure. When you decide to partner with an IT company, you’re also giving them access to your data assets. With that, you’ll want to be sure that you’re hiring a reliable team.

Here are some tips to make your outsourcing journey stress-free and secure.

  1. Review your security policy. Ensuring a secure Singapore IT outsourcing company starts with your organization. You need to ensure that data classification is clear and strictly implemented. Public or confidential data should be distinguished from each other. The guidelines or standards should be clear so sensitive data can be accessed only by authorized personnel. Before consulting with an IT company, be sure to meet with your key officers and stakeholders to set and finalize your security policy.
  2. List down your goals. What are your goals for using IT services? Do you need network management support? It must be clear what your needs are so you can allocate your resources accordingly. Also, discuss with your team whether you’re partnering with several vendors or are looking for a single vendor for all your IT needs? It’s not uncommon for companies to work with multiple vendors, however, if you’re able to find a service provider that can satisfy all your requirements, the better.
  3. Ask about the vendor’s security policy. You’ll also want to know how the vendor ensures security in their organization. Do they also observe a strict security policy? How do they handle data to prevent leaks? Do they monitor internet traffic and email exchanges? How do they handle data storage recovery or data center recovery? Once you’ve chosen an IT services provider, be sure to also discuss with them your privacy policies.
  4. Set a budget. While it’s normal to look for ways to reduce your organizational expenses, never settle for the cheapest option when outsourcing IT functions. You get what you pay for. The initial savings you thought you’re making may later result in even higher expenses down the road. The services may be far from professional, there may be loopholes in their system, and they may not be easily accessible when you need them. Even if you’re not forming an in-house team, take your choices seriously. Look into the organization’s track record and reputation among their clients.
  5. See if their packages are flexible. Companies have varying needs. See if the IT company allows customization for the business process outsourcing services they’re offering. Go back to your success metrics. Check if the IT team meets your requirements and if their delivery model is aligned with your organizational goals. Don’t forget to survey your employees as well if they’re happy with the partnership.

Using Singapore IT outsourcing services helps you dedicate your skills to the core areas of your business. But remember that this is a partnership. Before leaving the IT team to work on your projects, be sure expectations and roles are clear to everyone involved.

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