How to Maximise Space Efficiency in Small Singaporean Offices

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In Singapore, land is a limited resource. As a result, when investing in large office premises, their rates can be high, and some locations may even be inaccessible. If your office space meets all your needs but is smaller than you expected, you can still make it work. The layout of the workspace has a strong impact on how much space an employee has to do their tasks comfortably. This, in turn, influences their work performance. 

When a workplace has limited floor space, it is best to make the most out of it. This is done mostly to keep overhead costs low and postpone a larger lease until necessary. You will need to consult professionals who specialise in office interior design in Singapore to implement it successfully. There are a few tried and true space-saving office solutions that you can execute in your company.

Identify Dead Space

Before maximising office space efficiently, determine how much of it you want to use. Every workplace has dead space, which is sections that cannot be used, such as fire exits or office doors. Remove these from your workplace floor plan to properly recognise the areas you can work with. 

Experts in corporate interior design in Singapore may assist you in figuring out what are the dead spaces in your workplace. Once you’ve identified them, use creative ideas to make the necessary alterations to the floor layout. 

Utilise Corners Effectively

As they are restrictive, corners are a source of frustration in many workplaces. This is due to the fact that corners and permanent workspaces do not mix well. Therefore, consider how to use them appropriately instead of leaving them empty or filling them with fixtures. Corners are typically used for facilities and equipment when conducting commercial office interior design in Singapore. Copiers, supply cabinets, recycling bins, and even decorations can be neatly tucked in these areas while remaining easily accessible.  

Explore Flexible Workspaces

When space is limited, using a single area for several purposes is about as efficient as it gets. Therefore, flexibility is essential when it comes to maximising space in small offices, and flexible workspaces are the best way to optimise defined areas. In such cases, involving an office interior design company in your planning will assist you in making the most of the space you own.

For instance, conference rooms, which are only used for meetings on occasion, are great for quiet work, joint projects, and temporary staffing. While optimising your workplace, these flexible workspaces also create a diverse work environment for your staff and visitors. However, this method is only effective when well-managed with the aid of professionals in office interior design in Singapore

Be a Minimalist

As furniture takes up a lot of room in the workplace, reducing the amount of furniture and investing in a minimalist layout design will help you maximise office space efficiently. When selecting space-saving tables, chairs, and other office equipment, consult with your chosen office interior design company

Embrace The Cloud

When it comes to backing up physical files, businesses should embrace cloud archiving. Scanning and organising their content into digital folders will result in the physical copies becoming obsolete and no longer requiring storage cabinets. Removing unnecessary furniture or repurposing them within the workplace is another method to maximise office space. Using the cloud also facilitates remote working, allowing only the necessary staff to be present on-site.

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