As the years pass, we grow older and wiser. Unfortunately, age also comes with weakness and sickness. Our parents or grandparent, once strong and self-sufficient, may no longer be as healthy as they were in the past. It may be hard for them to accept that now they must depend on others in doing everything. Because of the love and ties that are bounding us together, we look for ways to give them ease and comfort in their golden years. The questions now are what can be done? How can they be looked after? What is the best care for them?


It’s best to make plans for the future. You can start by discussing early with your family about the possibilities and options available for the elderly ones. Families can try determining the best help they can give for the ones they love. It’s best to learn as much as you can about their condition. The elderly on the other hand should express their thoughts and feelings and facing the facts realistically. They can inform the family members about their wishes, financial abilities, and preferred options. With better understanding of the situation, we can be sure what they really need.


According to Quality of Life Survey conducted by National University of Singapore about family values, Singaporeans are becoming more family oriented. They compared the data collected on the year 2001 with a more recent data dated 2011. They concluded that as the years go on, family ties are getting stronger amongst the Singaporeans.
Therefore, many prefer that they take care of their family members at home instead of sending them off to nursing homes. But sometimes conflicts arise. It may be difficult for us to take care of them while having a job. That may be the reason why others had no choice but to send them off to hospices.
An alternative to this situation is hiring elderly care services. While home nursing may not be the first option by many, it may preserve the ties that bind families together. It may also be easier for the elderly ones because they don’t have to cope with a different environment. At home, they may enjoy the company of their family and neighbors and they can associate their surroundings with memories of the past.

A lot of companies offer elderly care in Singapore and most of it are readily available online. The cost is pretty much as same as nursing homes, maybe even cheaper. Maids and in-home caregivers offer housekeeping work, from cooking to doing the laundry, and care for the elderly as well. Hiring such services may be a very good option especially for families who have strong family ties.


With adequate information and proper planning for our loved ones, we can give them the best care in their golden years. More importantly, by showing them dignity and love, we can pay our debts when they showed us love and care when they were still strong. They deserve nothing but the best care as possible and it is our responsibility to see to it that they get the quality care they need. By doing so, we can be sure that they spend the rest of their lives in ease and comfort.

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