Tips in Buying Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds are the modern type of beds in this generation that are mostly designed for the kids. It’s not only cool and loved by the kids, bunk beds can also save spaces especially to families with many kids. This can also be quite accommodating to a great number of guests at home.

Bunk beds are great bedroom furniture but parents should be mindful of its safety. Accidents can be avoided if parents are aware of the injury prevention that comes along with letting kids sleep on bunk beds.

Below are some buying tips every parent needs to know to ensure safety, quality, and comfort when thinking of purchasing bunk beds for kids.

Check the required age recommended for use of bunk beds.

It is advisable to ask sellers regarding the required age of kids who can safely use bunk beds. It is said that kids nine years old and above can safely play and sleep on bunk beds. Remember that bunk beds can be really high to fall from so make sure to purchase one that has maximum guardrail height. Also, opt for the tallest and slimmest but high-quality mattress to ensure you get a safety rail height. If you have toddlers and you prefer them to sleep in bunk beds, consider a low-profile bunk bed.

Measure your space.

Although bunk beds best feature is to save space, buyers should still assess the space at home meant for the bunk bed. Start by measuring floor space as most bunk beds feature drawers that will require more space. Also, determine the ceiling height to prevent injury such as bumps. You should provide at least two meters clear space between the bunk bed and ceiling fans and lights.

Assess the type of bunk bed you need.

Bunk beds are of different types and styles. From basic, twin, triple, quad, parallel, and those that feature an indoor playground, you have a lot to choose from. There are also plenty of choices when it comes to the materials such as wood, metal, or both. For families that have many kids or like inviting guests over, bunk beds with futons or pull out bunk beds would be an ideal choice. You can ask the kids about their preferences but always apply the safety measures needed.

Think of the features you need.

Modern bunk beds offer different features like desk and plenty of storage. This can be useful if your kids have plenty of books and toys that need a convenient storage. Assess which features are important in your case and look for the particular bunk beds that include these features.

As parents, we always ensure first the safety of our kids. This can be applied when buying furniture like bunk beds. We definitely want it to be durable and safe for kids. If you can test it like giving it a good shake, then do so to help you find the best bunk bed for kids that will make you feel at ease.

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