What is an automated racking systems and its importance

automated racking systems

An automated racking system helps increase warehouse efficiency. If you’re looking to move to a new warehouse or are renovating your existing one, you might want to invest in this technology. Here are some of the benefits that automated storage systems can give you: 

  1. Increasing storage capacity. Floor space is a common concern among business owners. If you have several items in your inventory but can’t move yet to a bigger warehouse, one ideal solution is to make full use of the available floor space. If your racking system is automated, it’ll be easier to extend the height of your shelving so you can store more. You can also organize products more easily with the help of dividers and specialty holders. Items are compressed so every cube can contain as many items as possible. If you’re able to save a significant amount of space, you can use the remaining free space for quality control work. Or, you may also consider leasing it out for an additional income stream. 
  2. Saving time and money. If you’re using a manual racking system, chances are your employees also spend a lot of time walking around and looking for specific items they need. With automated storage, you can reduce these walks and search times so your employees can do more within a shorter period. Your employee can stay in a single location and the item they need will be delivered to them, with the help of an order management software. Picking items will no longer have to require as many hands. You can then assign people to other areas of your operations where you need additional manpower. 
  3. Reducing the risk of human error. The manual picking process increases the risk of human errors. If you’re using an automated system, you can increase the accuracy of your picking process. You can instantly identify the location of a specific item and its part number. You can also indicate the quantity you need and receive them all at once.  Since searching and long walks are already out of the picture, you can fulfill several orders in one go. The more deliveries you get to complete in a day, the happier your customers will be, too. 
  4. Securing inventories. Since employees no longer have to access your inventory as items are already delivered to them, you can also protect items from contamination and damage. You can control the number of people with access to your inventory by setting up your software. You can track missing or misplaced items more easily with the help of personal logins. This increases the accountability level for your team members. You also extend the shelf life of your items as you reduce the number of damaged items. Limiting physical contact to your inventory also helps you monitor stock levels faster. You no longer have to double-check with each of your employees how many items they still have on hand. 

An automated racking system also reduces the risk of workplace injuries or accidents. This will help give you peace of mind as you run your business. It’ll also help your employees feel safer and secure. The racking system that you choose can make your staff and customers happier, and your business even bigger. 

To know more about available options for your warehouse, contact a trusted racking system supplier in your area today. 

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