5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Invisible Grilles

Invisible Grilles

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Deciding to have invisible grilles for your home is a good move if you want to achieve an aesthetic appearance. This kind of grille will let you appreciate the view if you have a beautiful scenery outside. It can also make your house look big and spacious, unlike the use of traditional grilles. Invisible grills can effortlessly blend with any decor and style of your home.

Invisible grilles in Singapore have been accepted for years already. But before letting people work on your invisible grilles, you may just want to read the following tips on what to know about these grilles so you can prevent mistakes when installing them:

1. Know Your Furniture.

It is not easy to make mistakes when it is about installing grilles because it involves effort, time, and money. So one thing that you need to check and know is that if your furniture at home are matched with the invisible grilles that you are dreaming of. Some of the home furniture may not match with the traditional girlles, but will match well with the modern type. Analysing your home furniture is a wise step to prevent a mistake.

2. Not Recommended for HDB Apartments.

If you want invisible grilles in Singapore, make sure that your home is not in an HDB apartment, most especially those along side with the corridors. Installing invisible grilles in such places will only put your security at risk. Invisible grilles may be the reason to invite burglars. You can try the additional security system offered by some invisible grilles, but this will not guarantee enhanced protection for your home. If your apartment unit is in HDB, forget about the invisible grilles. Protection and safety are more important than appearance.

3. Installation and Maintenance.

Good news! Installing and removing invisible grilles can be done in just a couple of hours. So, if you have a plan to move from one place to another, you can easily remove your invisible grilles and put it on your new home. Maintenance is also not a problem since the cables are made of stainless steel.

4. Security and Protection.

You should be knowledgeable about the recommended separation distance of stainless steel and cables if you want to use invisible grilles. Safety of the people around you, most especially of the kids should always be your top priority. Remember to not exceed the separation distance between stainless steel cables of your grilles.

5. Analyze the Size of Your Window.

Do not let excitement push you to install an invisible grilles without analysing your window size. Using invisible grilles can truly help you create the best design that you want. But it can be a total mistake if you don’t have the ideal window size and you still go about installing an invisible grilles. This will only waste everything that you will spend for that contemporary grilles. Seek professional advice if needed.

Installing invisible grilles at home has a lot of benefits, including the tidy style, less scenery obstructions, enhanced security, and durability. Knowing the abovementioned tips can help you get all those pros of having invisible grilles for your house. It may sound cliché, but prevention is still better than cure. Avoid making mistakes if you can, so you won’t waste all the time, money, and effort into things that you will install at home.

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