Practical and Useful Tips on Cleaning Your Prized Trophy and Useful Tips on Cleaning Your Prized Trophy

If you’re a proud owner of a trophy cup in Singapore; for sure, you want to maintain its pristine condition so that it looks good on your mantel or any decorative piece. Take note though that as simple as it may seem, taking care of it can be quite a challenge. This is because trophy-cleaning issues vary and you need to approach each one differently to enjoy effective and efficient cleaning. If you need help restoring the original appeal of your trophy cup in Singapore, then you came to the right place. This is what this write-up is all about.

Dirt and grime

Dirt and grime are some of the most common trophy issues. In fact, even trophy shops in Singapore encounter them every once in a while. Well, you can easily remove them using a damp cloth that’s moistened with the use of gentle dishwashing soap. Make sure that it’s clean and absorbent so it won’t spread dirt, grime, and other residues.


Smudges are usually encountered on glass and metal trophies. When you come across them, don’t go for chemical-laden as well as toxic cleaners. Instead, hold your trophy within close proximity to your mouth, breath on it, then gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use paper towels since it may leave unwanted fibers on your trophy.

If you’re not comfortable with this cleaning method, you can use a solution of one cup white vinegar, half cup white flour, and one teaspoon of salt. Gently rub your trophy with a cloth that’s dumped onto it.


Regularly polishing old as well as worn out trophies can get rid of shallow scratches. If this isn’t enough, you can try filling some of the layers of scratch with resin-based scratch removers that can be purchased from automotive stores. Afterward, polish your trophy or add silver or gold paint (if that’s what it’s made of).


If your trophy cup in Singapore is tarnished, you can consider utilizing brass cleaners or metal polishers. Make sure to wear gloves in the process since not doing so can leave annoying fingerprints. Also, start with a gentle cleaner and only opt for paste as the last resort. This is because the latter is more abrasive and should only be utilized in worst case scenarios. In line with this, seriously consider wearing masks it may cause breathing difficulties. If your trophy is made of plastic, use soap and water instead.

Worn out labels

Trophies may lose its luster if their labels can’t be read. You can try the abovementioned tips and pointers above to restore them, but if all else fails, consider bringing them to the atrophy restoration shop. Their personnel can re-engrave, then replace the worn out labels. Afterward, your trophy cup in Singapore can achieve the brand new look that you yearn for.

Summing up

If you don’t know how to start, cleaning your trophy cup in Singapore can be a challenging and sometimes even stressful ordeal. However, armed with the abovementioned tips and pointers, it can be a lot more effective, efficient, and everything in between. In the end, you can enjoy your prized possession and make the most of it for years to come.

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